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Protein at breakfast is SO important to me…or else I am hungry ALL day long. So obviously this is going to happen to a face near me REALLY soon. IE: My face.
PS. I am calling this a Thai salad just to give some indication that there is Asian flavor in the house, but it’s really a little bit of everything – between the mint, the jalapeño and serrano, the parsley, the cilantro, the edamame, and the wonton strips, we’re crossing lots of borders here. Salad flavor mashup!

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And the most important of the project is insulating this space IMMEDIATELY so we don’t die in winter.

Ohhh la la, j’adore ze big cookie! You are making me want to speak French and pretend to be fancy while getting this all over my face. I think it’s my salty sweet love of contrast. This cookie is everything to love in life!

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to keep the pumpkin recipes going well into November. Pumpkin pie is all good for Thanksgiving, so that’s our in!

I made this recently and my husband and I both loved it. I followed the recipe exactly. It didn’t say how much lime juice, so I served each bowl with a slice of lime and we squeezed it over the top before eating. The fresh squeeze of lime was very complimentary to the curry. A perfect combination of flavors. We ate ours with garlic naan. So good. Very flavorful.

Last time I made this it was really dry. Do you have any tips on how to ensure it is not to crunchy and dry?

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Ooops, how’d that get in there?

I’m not above throwing in a dash or two of bourbon or dark rum while the bananas are caramelizing. Zero extra work, and sooooo worth it!

I love a little spice in my salad, and am always looking for different salad ideas! This looks amazing!

Okay, I’ll go first.

I prefer underbaked, but my family likes baked. Sometimes I win, but sometimes they do. I love this combination and I bet it is amazing!

Hey Kiersten,

I seriously love all your recipes. This one is no exception. I will be making this for sure!

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