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And I love you guys even more now, if that is possible. I think it is fabulous and because you are such a huge blog, you have the ability to influence so many people into eating healthier.

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I think it would!

I love these posts! Can’t see how they are in any way self centered. Moreover, adding little Solvi’s eats for the day is just the cherry on top. You should consider keeping your bluntness to yourself. It came off as mean.

Just made this for my children and their friends and they said it was lovely – a definite hit!

My secret habits? Well, indulging the food that I just style and photograph for the blog. I know…lots of good…yummy food though. But, I really need a lot more exercise than I think, just to maintain my weight.

I’m down with this pie without a crust. Crust has always been a vehicle or sorts for the filling in my world anyways. I cannot wait to scarf this. so YUM!

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Bjork here, checking in with our monthly traffic and income report.

In a perfect turn of events, I’m literally off to Target this morning to refill on groceries after traveling for ten days. AND I CAN’T WAIT.

I first made this recipe when we were living in the Philippines, so I used a green papaya because I HAD ACCESS TO THESE THINGS. (

Oops, it’s Mardi Gras? #clueless

In hindsight, my mom definitely had the better outlook/balance on the whole thing (this is just a creative outlet for us/share with family and any other hits are just nice/not everything has to be a life changing new recipe) and I could have stuck with it longer if I’d followed her lead more.

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