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Are those circle ice cubes? They look great! How do you make them?
Only 4 ingredients and 20 minutes to make this Creamy Vodka Steak Pasta on zucchini noodles! So very simple and so delicious!

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Maricar, try vegan Worcestershire sauce available at Whole Foods. True Worcestershire is actually a “fish sauce” (made with anchovies).

Pinch of Yum has a special relationship with potato skins. Not me – I mean I love them a really big lot and did I get all the bacon bits off of my face? – but seriously, potato skins have WORKED IT over the life of this little food blog.

I made using sweet potato instead of squash and it was DELICIOUS!!

One other thing we do: EAT REALLY GOOD FOOD.

I actually went to a BlogHer meeting in San Francisco about a month ago and one of the founders gave a similar speech about tribes. It makes perfect sense to me. I’ve been reading blogs for 5+ years and the ones that I go back to are those that I can relate with. Feeling that connection is the strongest force that keeps me coming back.

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As much as I wanted to bake the cinnamon filling right into them, it just wasn’t happening. I fried, I griddled, I baked, I parchment papered…-it just wasn’t meant to be. So I topped the pancakes with the filling instead. And oh my yummers, they were so tasty! The end result: wheat bran pancakes topped with the spicy cinnamon filling and drizzled with sweet glaze. And no guilt! Hallelujah.

If I’m in a hurry to get finished compost, I turn mine every 3 or 4 days, and moisten it layer by layer while rebuilding the “compost pyramid” with a bowl shaped depression in the top. After watering it, the compost should be as wet as a wrung out sponge. Any more water than that is too much, and less than that is not enough. What I mean here is ‘damp’ not ‘dripping’.

Our big moment in April is here, getting closer with each day, but it feeling farther away than ever before. We’re walking through our lives on the wrong side of a cruelly indestructible, paper thin veil – one that’s translucent enough for us to see our hopes and dreams unfolding differently just across the divide. It is real and it is hard.

All recipes are best fit at my restaurant menu.

I love these reports Bjork! Good for you guys being able to do this full time!!! These are always such a good reminder that you have to invest a few dollars back into your blog as well to grow your blog. It’s not just about what’s coming in. My issue right now (I know I’m being too frugal) is that I have so many email subscribers now that I will start to have to pay to keep that many because none of the free services allow for that many. I suppose that’s the right thing to do….right? Not just start canceling people on my own to decrease my numbers so I don’t have to pay for a service? That would be a mistake? Right? Thanks again for doing these, I know I don’t always leave a comment but find them helpful. Naturally, I don’t make anything close to what you make but have made enough for my “mad money” fun and for some great bonuses in life =) SO thanks!! And congrats on baby coming, mine is just 2 weeks behind yours and I am over the moon excited and am confident you two feel the same about baby Pinch of Yum =)


Håkan from recepten.nu – Saffron Wreath with Sugar and Vanilla

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