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I am later than many to your blog and to Sweet Afton’s story, but just recently read all of the details of your journey with him, in tears, and have been thinking of you and your family ever since. As a long time Nickel Creek fan, I know I will think of him when I listen (to his song and to others). And, I’ll plan to light a candle this evening in his honor, sending love and prayers to Afton in heaven and you and your family here on earth. Hugs!

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Awesome giveaway! I had trouble using the “pin this image on pinterest” entry – when I clicked on the “pin” link in the rafflecopter box, it came up with a blank square instead of a picture to pin. (Instead, I pinned one of the giveaway pictures from the blog post and copy pasted the pin URL.) Not sure if it’s a problem related to my browser, but thought I’d mention it.

1. FACT: I am a cooler person when I use a Mason jar for anything. It’s just in the laws of nature according to Pinterest and Fancy Girl Life. These are literally the shortest days of the year, I’m feeling like a hibernating Minnesota winter homebody, and so to avoid the deep winter slump I needed to experience some perks of the high life. Enter Mason jar salads.

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And just so you can mentally prepare yourself for how this will all go down, this big bowl of healthy delicious chili requires a mug bowl, a handful of your fave tortilla chips as well as every other chili topping in the book because we toppings, a ridiculously comfy couch, and sweat pants from college + a hoodie that is five hundred sizes too big. But now I’ve said too much.

My son brought home a gallon of my former favorite ice cream yesterday, and I must confess, it was a little like torture to see it in my freezer. But now, thanks to you, I think I can convince him to never do that again.

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