chopped thai chicken salad recipe-sugar free oatmeal cookies for diabetics

Beautiful salad. I actually love the raw onions but not the after taste. When I want to avoid the powerful onion taste, I slice it round and thick and grill them. It might not give the crunch, but it is pretty amazing what a difference it makes:))

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I have never made egg bake before but hello this looks amazing!!

I want to drink that caramel. 🙂 I am so a caramel person!! And I would adore these. Sometimes a break from the virtual life is nice – go have some adventure in the real world. It feels good!!

Looks great! I love making breakfasts to go on those rushed mornings. It’s a great way to mix up some produce for a tasty drink.

Hi! Nice recipe! I’m also a food writer but I’m just currently writing for a New York based food website. After being inspired by your blog, I’m planning to make my own food website this month. Also, if ever you need some new recipes or food ideas, you can just contact me anytime and I will surely share them to you since I’ve been writing for a food website for more than one year already. Thank you for being an inspiration. God bless you!

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P.S. I’m a total pre orderer too… I mean it just makes sense.

I called and scheduled it. It wasn’t for several months thanks to the popularity of my preferred location (as Bjork reminded me every day: the fact that they are busy is a good sign, Linds). Every day I wished it was happening sooner. My body felt lost without it. I needed to be marked, to have some outward symbol of a new and mostly invisible reality. Sometimes I’d look down and my arm and touch it and just wish that I had that ink buried deep in my skin.

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