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I KNOW RIGHT! I have never been good at that but I think I saw it on TV once or something where they used the food processor to cut the butter in. So genius!

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I prefer ground turkey in my chili too…turkey chili for life.

I just finished The Storyteller about a month ago and find myself thinking about it all the time. Maybe a trip to DC is in store for me, too. I love that you were so inspired to take the trip and actually made it happen. Thanks for sharing!

And squash sauce? Hmm. I don’t think I’ve ever had squash in any form but the thought of it kind of scares me. But I know I need to try because this looks amazing!

Made this yesterday and it got rave reviews even from the 4 year old. We had smaller portions and are having leftovers later this week and I froze a few servings in ziplocks for snowstorm emergencies! Also, I made the first half of the recipe as instructed and then threw it all in the slow cooker for 3 hours while we went sledding. It was perfection.

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I love this kind of a salad and that vinaigrette sounds wonderful! I would like to use it as a sauce over shrimp or chicken!

And yes, I think you need a spiralizer. ASAP. You’re a food blogger! I’m not getting one right now because 1) I’m not a food blogger 2) I have no where to store it.

I recently made oatmeal scones and have since been thinking, why don’t I make scones more often? SO good!

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