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Actually doesn’t really matter since it gets pureed 🙂 But I sliced it.
Mmm… now I have Mexican on the brain. I will definitely try this soon!

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I think I just swooned!

I love the idea of making just a few. I mean, my heart truthfully does not, but my (sadly non stretchy) pants are really into it! Stupid pants.

I bought your book few days back and it is a lifesaver!!! Thank you so so much and a BIG virtual hug to you as well 🙂

A must read article!

Ok now this cake?? The cinnamon sugar layer totally sold me. Heck yes!! It is the perfect still summer, but kind of fall coffee cake and I love it!

Hi, Michela! Here is the link for the program Lindsay uses to figure out the nutrition facts:

I have my mom’s, made in 1987! I use it soooo often. Even for making a baked potato or reheating leftovers. With mine the “pot” sits on the heating element. I think years ago they (whoever they are 🙂 called it a slow cooker because of that?

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Love the blog and recipes!

I had it worded confusingly, that’s why. 🙂 I went back and changed the wording. I always rely on my commenters to help me be more clear in my instructions!

But first, hi again! 👋

Bottom line. I really need healthy things to taste good.

Balance, duh.

Hi there! This recipes calls for dried beans. Enjoy! 🙂

At this moment in my life, the only thing standing between me and a kale smoothie are these freshly baked Salted Double Chocolate Muffins.  A beautifully puffy, lightly glazed rich chocolate muffin with a sprinkling of coarse sea salt.  Is it just me or does that puffy muffin kinda make a kale smoothie look like garbage juice? Or maybe they always look that way.

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